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Important Announcement from Dr. Brian Smith

Dr. Smith's message to all Clients

Dear Clients:

I acquired Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital with the intention of remodeling the facility and adding a new full-time veterinarian.  The search for a full-time veterinarian lasted over a year and was not successful.  Furthermore, Dr. Deb Cunningham resigned her part-time position at Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital last month.  I have discovered that the cost of remodeling the outdated facility makes little practical since at the current location due to the poor quality of the entire building and parking lot.  Furthermore, I am not convinced the hospital can handle the expense of moving to a custom built facility in the nearby area.  I know that the clients of Paws, Claws & All need a consistent veterinary presence to take care of their beloved pets, and our ability to attract the quality of veterinarian you desire is not possible at 2499 Cartwright Rd.

Fortunately, the experienced, caring veterinary care that you need is immediately present at Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital (SPAH) with Dr. Becky Green, Dr. Jessica Rivera, and myself.

Effective November 1, 2014, I am announcing my intention to merge Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital with Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital at the current location for Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital, 9212 Sienna Ranch Rd., Missouri City, TX. 77459.

This merger will bring about the following changes: Melanie Finley will become the Head Veterinary Assistant at Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital; Kim Wrench will become a Veterinary Assistant at Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital; Macy Joe will become a Technician Assistant at Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital.  Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital will move all equipment, patient records and inventory from Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital to it's Sienna Ranch Rd. location.

I can assure you that this transition will be seamless for the clientele of Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital in regards to the healthcare of its pets.  As an incentive to the clients of Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital to continue their health services with our company.  Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital will offer all Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital clients a complimentary examination for one pet at their first visit to our hospital.  One of our client service specialists will be happy to give you a tour of the facility and discuss the services we offer our clients.  I encourage Paws, Claws & All clients to visit siennaplantationanimalhospital.com to learn more about the practice.  Call (281) 778-5244 for an appointment or a tour.

The Sienna location is a 15 minute drive from Paws, Claws & All location.  I know that you will love the modern facility, the caring and familiar staff, and the experienced doctors at Sienna.  You will find that our prices are on par with what you are paying at Paws, Claws & All.  You will love our online pharmacy and online food ordering process that offers home delivery.  You will have access to overnight boarding.  Additionally, SPAH offers convenient drop off appointments that allow you to drop your pets at our hospital on your way to work to be seen, cared for, and treated if necessary.  Foremost, you will have a smooth transition to a high quality, caring veterinary practice that has your pet's records and understand your pet's needs.

Welcome to the SPAH family,

Brian E. Smith, DVM


Paws, Claws & All Animal Hospital  &  Sienna Plantation Animal Hospital

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